IBDAA Real Estate

The leading and most trusted real estate agency in Dubai since 2013.

IBDAA Real Estate was Founded in 2013.Since, IBDAA has grown to become one of the leading and most trusted real estate agencies in Dubai.

With a focus on providing a high-quality service that puts the needs of the clients above anything else, IBDAA Real Estate offers expert property advice with their multinational team of RERA certified professionals who are highly trained and committed to giving the best customized service to their clients combined with transparency, discretion, and clear communication.


We proudly provide you with our most enhanced services

Real Estate Brokerage

  • Determining and Evaluating Real estate Market Opportunities
  • Performing the Brokerage Services in Real estate
  • Assisting and arranging Mortgage for our respective Partners
  • Advising Property Owners in preparing their Properties for listing and Viewing
  • Helping the seller/buyer and negotiate offers to have the Deal Done

Real Estate Consultancy

Analyze real estate markets, sectors. collect professional trustee researches, share with clients to assist them on making the right decision.

  • Conduct comparative studies of Market prices by sector, location and occupancy rates
  • Assisted clients to get the highest possible ROI

Real Estate Evaluation

Analyze and evaluate investment opportunities with a view to acquisition Assisting in real estate appraisal and making Due diligence report. Negotiate on behalf of investors and conclude deals Assist in providing the necessary financing and arranging for loans and mortgage.


Property Management

Manage Property on behalf of owners. Select the most suitable client for your Property with good record. Collect Property Owners Payments under their Name and deposit on their Bank Account. Act on your behalf on Rental dispute.

Try Our best to get you the highest Possible Roadhouse free on Property Maintenance, Tenant Selection, Due payments (Service charges …etc.) perform Snagging on behalf Of Owner when tenant leaves the property. Assure Tenant Leaves Property on a good condition with No DUE payments (electricity, Chiller, Internet …. etc.)


We’re experts, and you can count on us.

Our team may be experts in their fields, but they never stop learning. With constant training and workshops, we can ensure that our team is one of the best in the industry, with a selection of top RERA qualified professionals working tirelessly to meet our clients’ expectations.

Both our management and sales teams have in-depth knowledge of the Dubai real estate market, ensuring that any queries a client may have will be answered.

Daifallah Aladiyani – CEO

Rera Certified with More than 10 years of Experience on Real estate Market globally. Very good experience on Market analysis and opportunities hunting associated with knowledge and faithful.

Spoken Languages: Arabic, English


Shaikh Mohammad Rehan – Head of Sales & Leasing

A loyal and passionate with solid experience and leadership skills. Rehan and his growing team are in charge of selling one of the most attractive and lucrative real estate portfolios in the region.

Spoken languages: English & Urdu


Farhana Naeem – Sales Manager

Farhana has been working in Dubai real estate since 2013 and has accumulated a large portfolio of clients, as well as a very thorough knowledge of the Dubai marketplace. She specializes in sales and leasing of commercial and residential properties.

Spoken languages: English & Urdu


Bon face – Sales & Leasing

Bonface Ndungu is a highly qualified investment/financial advisor who brings a strategic yet personable approach to the home buying and home selling process. He has an extensive knowledge of different areas and neighborhoods across Dubai.

Spoken languages: English & Swahili


Rhea – Senior Administrative officer

Equipped with a total of 5-year experience in Dubai, Rhea has been confidently fulfilling administrative duties excellent in Ibdaa till date she joined. She is the cheerful face you will first encounter when visiting the Ibdaa office.

Spoken languages: English, Philippines


Tania Ramzan – Administrative officer

Tania has been efficiently supporting Ibdaa employees with day-to-day work. She efficiently assists in getting your property listed online and attracts property seekers.

Spoken languages: English, Urdu & Punjabi


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